Saturday, February 09, 2008

Coming out of the desert

To update you on our family's situation: We finally have another home! We are scheduled to move into an apartment on March 1. My daughter and my grandson just celebrated birthdays. My grandson just turned two. He is such a robust, busy, and chatty child. :-) Most importantly, he is happy.

I'm still working in education. After months of low pay, I moved into a higher-paying interim position with more pay. It came with a lot more responsibility, long hours, and high stress. My employer finally dropped the interim status. I'm still doing the work of the three people who left the department several months ago, but I'm surviving.

Yes, I have my days of frustration, but I never forget how thankful I am to be working. My daughter is in college full-time and working part-time. She is the one who found us a place. Two days ago, she informed me that she bought us living room furniture out of her earnings. We had to leave a lot of our furniture behind when we lost our last home.

I will finally be able to be reunited with my daughter. I can finally liberate her from the situation that she is living in. My grandson's babysitter is now dating my grandson's paternal grandfather - the man who thew my daughter and the baby out of his home shortly after inviting my daughter and the baby into his home. The sitter, who is also a family friend, knew the circumstances under which my kids came to her. I have been paying room and board for the kids since they've been there. This is separate from what she gets paid for childcare.

I will always appreciate that this woman allowed my kids to board with her. However, it's too bad that she doesn't understand that she has humiliated my daughter and betrayed my family.

Once we are settled into our own place, our next move is to find another childcare provider.

Never give up hope. God is good!