Monday, September 25, 2006

A mother remembers

It happened several years ago, but sometimes it seems as if it were yesterday. It was the night a stranger broke into my home, stabbed me multiple times and left me for dead. My son, a little boy at the time, witnessed the entire thing. He was in the room when it happened. I was nine months pregnant.

The stranger had tried unsuccessfully to rape me. He didn't attack me right away. I spoke with him for 20 minutes, trying to talk him out of what he had planned to do.

The young man broke in through the kitchen door. When the noise woke me out of my sleep, I got up to see what was happening. It didn't dawn on me to be afraid.

The young stranger told me that he had been sent to kill me. I kept him in the kitchen - out of my son's view - because he tried to rape me.

I think the stranger was afraid. That's why he allowed me to talk to him for 20 minutes. I don't think he was prepared to face me because I was supposed to be asleep. Also, I was calm and gave no appearance of being afraid. As I talked with him, I took careful note of his appearance and prayed to God.

After 20 minutes, the young man lost his patience. He shoved me into the room where my son was, then knocked me to the floor. Then he started stabbing me in the top of my head. By the time it was all over, I had 17 stab wounds in my head, face, neck, arms and hands.

The stranger did not physically harm my son, who had the presence of mind to remain still until he was sure the stranger was gone. Then my little boy ran to the phone to call police.

I lost consciousness for a short time. I woke up just in time to hear parmedics say, "Oh, my God, she's pregnant!"

I was rushed to the closest hospital, where I was stabilized. Then I was transferred to the hospital where my doctor was on staff.

Because I was pregnant, I was hooked up to machines. Some monitored me, others monitored the baby. The doctors said that if I weren't pregnant, they would have operated on me immediately because a stab wound in my neck disturbed them. The doctors decided to wait 24 hours to see if the wound would get better. It did.

Seven days later, I gave birth to a large, healthy baby - my daughter.

There was a lot of activity for the next several days. A police investigation was underway. Since I was working as a journalist at the time, I became headline news. The news wires even picked up the story.

Five days later, police officers told me that they had arrested two people. One was the young man whom I had identified in a photo. The second was my daughter's father. Police say it was a murder-for-hire scheme.

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shirazi said...

Sad! Why did he do that? Has his motive come to your mind afer so many years?

Naomi said...

He told police that he did not want the child to be born. He had another woman in his life, and he did not want to mess up that relationship. He thought that if he killed me, he could keep his secret.

shirazi said...

Was he charged for this. That mad man!!!

Alina said...

I hope he's still in jail right now! So sorry you had to go through this awful situation! Even more suprised now of how you manages to keep being so wonderful, fun and full of hope after such painful and scary relationships.

Naomi said...

Shirazi: My son and I testified at a trial that was painful for both of us. Both men were convicted on several charges, including attempted murder.

Alina: Both men are still in prison. I have requested that the prosecutor's office notify me if either man comes up for a parole hearing.

God has been very good to me. The doctors say my daughter and I were very lucky. Miraculously, I have just a few scars on my arms and hands that are barely visible. I've been told that my daughter probably survived because I instinctively lifted up my arms to protect her.

I believe the father lost his mind for a moment. I had no idea that he was capable of such a thing. We had split up shortly after my pregnancy, so I had not had any contact with him.

My children are amazing people. They keep me going. When I initially found myself in the intensive care unit of the hospital, I told God that I couldn't die because I had children to take care of.

As far as being "fun" and full of hope: If that is true, then it's just the way I am. I remember trying to smile and look positive the first time my sons came to visit me in the hospital. I didn't want them to worry. I didn't want them to cry. Of course, when they saw me, they cried.

My daughter inherited her father's charm and artistic abilities, and I have told her that. It's been difficult for her to live with the fact that her father tried to kill her. But it is she who is so full of fun and hope. When she walks into a room, she's like a ray a sunshine.

Life is full of ironies. The father was honored with an award by the city prosecutor three years earlier for saving a woman from a brutal attack by another man.

shirazi said...

Life is full of ironies but "mothers" like you make the world worth living.

Naomi said...

What a kind thing to say, Shirazi. Thank you.

Hassan said...

Shirazi is correct... you are indeed amazing.

Naomi said...

Hassan: You're a sweetheart. Thank you for stopping by.

Alina said...

Yes, quite ironic! However, I am sure that she got all that hope and joy from you! :) I think you are both doing just great.

I can imagine how hard it was for her. I only had to put up with the idea that my father hated that I was a girl and never really wanted me for that reason. That was pretty hard, I guess your daughter had to put up with hundreds of times more.

And now, risking to turn into a little voice inside your head, when's the next post due? :) Take care!

Naomi said...

Alina: You are a sly one - taking the role of that "little voice" inside my head. LOL
We'll see what I come up with in the next couple of days.

BTW, I do relate to your experience with your father. My father was the same way. I was the only girl and the oldest. I remember my dad telling me that he wished he had had all boys. I don't think Dad realized how crushing that was for me.

But we survive these things. They make us stronger. My father loves me, but in his own way, he still keeps me at a distance. The good news is that he's a soft touch when it comes to my daughter.

Our family is full of males, and my daughter is first granddaughter. My daughter has Granddad wrapped around her fingers. My dad melts when she hugs him.

When I go to hug my dad, he'll look frightened, step back, and say, "What are you doing?" I just shake my head. :-)

Alina said...

Well, my dad changed his mind when I grew up a little as I was so attached to him as a child. However, he is no dad material at all, so after the divorce my mom raised me mostly. I think he still has a nostalgia for having a son, but does not realise a son would have turned his back on him a long time ago...God was pretty kind to him when offering him a daughter! :)

Alina said...

Naomi, hope everything is ok at your end, as this is a long break in comments/posting, even for you :)

Take care!

Naomi said...

Alina: It has been a while, hasn't it? I should have something new posted soon. Life's a little crazy right now.

Regarding your previous comment: Your father was definitely blessed to have a beautiful daughter.

Thank you for encouraging me to post. :-)

Alina said...

Anytime :P!

Cristina Banu said...

Naomi, I found out about your blog from Alina's post from
Your posts, especially the last one impressed me a great deal about your positive attitude towards everything that happened to you and of course your strength to overcome all. Also the love for your children, the need to protect them is outstanding. I am sorry for the hard times you have been going through, I have to admit I felt very stupid and lame to think I complained for minor things when serious problems happen to strong people like you. I hope things will work out for you, related to your job, accomodation, children and meet your soulmate who will take some of your burdens away from you and protect you. All the best to you and everybody.

Naomi said...

Cristina: Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I am touched. I am way overdue for posting, as Alina and Shirazi have gently reminded me. :-)

I appreciate your good wishes, and I hope you stop by again from time to time. I'm determined to post more often. Much love to you and yours.