Sunday, March 11, 2007

'Earth to Naomi'

Blogging typically serves as therapy for me. It serves a creative and emotional outlet. However, recently, I haven't been publishing with any regularity. Why? There are two reasons, which are related.

1. I've had a rocky experience on the job that I accepted in the fall. I love my work. However, there were people issues over which I had no control - crazy stuff. But I'm surviving it. In fact, just a week ago, I was suddenly reassigned - temporarily - to the executive office at headquarters. One of the senior officers called my boss, requesting me.

2. I've been dealing with major depression for months. It just has a way of popping up. Actually, I was diagnosed with major depression many years ago, but I have always worked very hard to keep going in spite of it.

Not a day goes by when I don't think about you, my readers. You have given me so much in friendship.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. But please bear with me as I work to get myself back. For the moment, I'm a bit of a recluse. I have a lot to say, much of it humorous. But somehow I can't get it out. But that will change. Maybe the change will happen this week on my birthday. :)

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Alina said...

Wow, your birthday is this week???When exactly? Well if you don't feel like telling, I will say happy bday every day of the week. I am bound to get it right :)

We'll be here whenever you post something new. Also, if you need to talk and not blog, try my email, it's public in my profile. Glad to see you back :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday! :P

Naomi said...

Alina, thank you so much for the brithday wishes. You are such a sweet person. How could someone be around you and not smile? :-)

By the way, my birthday is March 13.
Have a wonderful week!

Alina said...

Aha, so it's tomorrow, ok! I will wish you all the best again, on the right day :D

Cristina Banu said...

Happy Birthday, Naomi!! May you be healthy, happy with your family, all your wishes come true and loved! I hope you will feel better and better and all the bad thoughts go away.

naomi said...

Alina and Christina, thank you so very, very much. As strange as it may sound, I had forgotten that it's my birthday until I read your comments! LOL

Alina said...

Happy Birthday Naomi! Told you I won't miss it :P

naomi said...

Thank you, Alina! (((HUGS)))

Ian Lidster said...

I like your honesty and candor about who you are and what is happening with your life, Naomi.
And a very happy birthday to you.


naomi said...

Ian, you are a doll. That means a lot coming from you. Thank you. :)

B said...

Naomi- stay positive and I wish you happiness

Happy B- lated birthday!

naomi said...

B, thank you so much! With so much inspiration coming from you and others, I can't help but remain positive. :)
Have a wonderful week, and thanks again for your kindness.

EXSENO said...

Happy Birthday, sorry, I know how hard things can be when depression hits.
But I have faith in you and I know you're going to be o.k. I don't suffer from deprssion as much as I used to. I finally brain washed myself so much that now I just take a relaxing bath and pamper myself in some way, like painting my toenails. It's a temporary thing the trick is to not let it get you down to far. Fight it like it was someone that you always wanted to beat up. lol Take care.

EXSENO said...
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