Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A salute to spring

To walks
To strolling
To kicking rocks across the street
To holding hands
To silly jokes
To laughter for no particular reason

To incredibly blue skies
To astoundingly white clouds

To nights so black
To stars so twinkly
To the man in the moon smiling down

To clearing a patch and planting seeds
To tomatoes free from tomato rot

To rainy days
To stormy nights
To cold mornings

To hot coffee
To bologna sandwiches
To chocolate chip cookies

To happiness
To Spring

- Unknown -

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Alina said...

Simply beautiful! Especially since I've been experiencing some gorgeous spring days lately :)

Alina said...

BTW, you've been tagged

Shirazi said...

Ya, simply beautiful and joy permiates from the pic and the words. Who is this young man?

Ian Lidster said...

Love the photo and the sentiment and I am so longing for real warm spring weather,


naomi said...

Alina, regarding your first comment: Thanks! As for being tagged - I guess I'll survive it. ;-)

Thanks for thinking of me. I'll respond soon.

Shi, I used a stock photo. And, yes, I did have a feeling of joy as I made this post.

Ian, we have warm and somewhat humid spring weather in my neighborhood. I'd prefer it to be a little cooler, but I won't complain. I'm sure these warmer temperatures are headed your way!

EXSENO said...

Lovely poem, it's ashame that the poet is unknown.

Alina said...

Naomi, long time no see. Hope you're ok. Drop a line when you have the time :)

Naomi said...

Exseno, I'm glad you liked it! I would love to know who wrote it, also.

Alina, my life is lovely. See my new post.

(((HUGS))) to everyone!